Come Close To Me

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe song “For You Have Saved My Soul” (Ki Hilatsta Nafshi) is a song of gratitude of a person as he has ascended to the level on which he was created, above our world, and who has finally found the answer to the meaning of life.

Our soul is formed on the upper levels of knowledge, just like the body of an embryo inside its mother’s womb. The soul is gradually formed and begins to descend and to become coarser, dressed in attires that are increasingly closer to matter until it enters the corporeal body.

Spiritual attainment is ascending to the same levels where the formation of your soul began. You begin to attain its root there, the basis, and discover why you have a certain fate, what has been prepared for you not only in this life but in a whole series of lives, until you fulfill your spiritual potential to the fullest and bring your soul to the state that was predetermined.

Attaining the root of the soul provides a person with an answer to the question of how he should live. This is very important, especially today, when we are totally lost, and don’t know what to do with our lives.

This is a song of gratitude to the Creator for having raised you to the root of your soul and for allowing you to attain your soul.

This song is about getting closer to the upper force, to the root of the soul, to the upper attainment, when a person begins a dialog with the Creator and hears the Creator calling him: “Come close to me.”
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 2/09/14

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