From Instinctive Solidarity To Genuine Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What do we need to do in order to become a true nation of Israel? It seemed to me that I was seeing examples of mutual support and solidarity all around.

Answer: This is a solidarity that arises intuitively during a common danger, but it is not called mutual guarantee. In difficult times, we all are willing to help each other, flocking together instinctively.

This happens in any society, in any group, and even among animals because it provides psychological support, elevates the spirit, and gives a feeling of greater confidence and connection. However, it has nothing to do with “Love thy neighbor.”

Love for one’s neighbor is such a deep inner bond that it only can be achieved through a special connection between us, attainable through the wisdom of Kabbalah.

We receive an example of such feelings during special discussions in a circle, and in workshops, but this is not enough. We need to pass the basis of this method to everyone so that each person will understand where this feeling comes from, why it arises, and how to implement it.

Each of us must become a carrier of this method, because in it, lies one’s life and one’s soul. With it, one builds their eternal existence, their independence. This is why it is not enough simply to hear about it for a few minutes. Rather, one must understand what world we are living in and what system operates us. Through this, we can understand the forces of nature, change them, and use them for our own good.

Then, we can show an example to the entire world and call upon it to unite, “Look at the world that is opening before us! We can ascend to an eternal and absolute degree, instead of existing for a few decades on this earth and ending it at that. The gates to a new world are being flung open before us.”

This is what each of us subconsciously is awaiting and what the nations of the world want. However, the Jewish people hold the key, and we are obliged to open it up. It is ready for our use!

I very much hope that the pressure that we are feeling today, from the internal anti-Semitism that exists within us and the external pressure, would be enough to turn the attention of the entire nation to the inner teaching, in other words, to the wisdom of Kabbalah.

There are people with a book of instructions by which this nation must live. Without them, we are attempting to imitate the nations of the world, but it does not work. We need to structure ourselves in accordance with these instructions.

I hope that the suffering we are enduring today will be enough to draw our attention to this topic, because otherwise, problems will increase and continue to grow until they oblige us to become a true nation of Israel and a light for other nations in order to lead the entire world to correction, to the good connection.

Comment: We join you in your good hopes!
From the program “A New Life” #426 8/14/14

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