Is It Necessary To Feed The Palestinians?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Even during a period of military actions, Israel transfers many tons of food to Gaza. However, for some reason, the more food we send, the more we are disliked by the world.

Answer: In fact, the world doesn’t consider or take into account these food supplies. It simply is said that the Gaza Strip is getting money from Qatar, and Israel is selling food to Gaza in exchange for this money. So, in this case, the idea is not about the “unique attitude” of the Jewish nation.

Besides this, we have opened an entire hospital on the border with Gaza that serves the Palestinians. There is even a maternity department for women there and so on. We aren’t talking about just helping the wounded.

I think that all of these things are very correct. Why wouldn’t we need to give them something to eat and drink? All the more so because their surface water is depleted and contaminated with sea water due to improper usage. In general, we must supply them with humanitarian aid.

Why? Because we are to blame for everything that is happening. If we had the right intention, the correction of the world would not be lagging behind “schedule,” and we would not need any military operation. So, it follows that, against our will, we must feed the Palestinians, and it is specifically we who must correct the existing relationships, uniting among ourselves.

So, in the meantime, the humanitarian supplies are not charity on our part. We ourselves have caused this.

Certainly, we must give a strong resistance against the enemy. I will not betray my people and nation. The main thing is that we must carry out the work of the Creator, but we aren’t. After all, we are responsible for the entire world, and if you feel you are to blame for the troubles of the world—the wars, the brutal cruelty—you must agree with the anti-Semites, however, not with their actions, not with their desire to kill and annihilate us, but with their accusation against us; this accusation is correct. This is because we are the only ones with free choice, and the key to the happiness of the world is found with us alone.

So, we must feed Gaza. Moreover, we should not hate Hamas, a small organization that has seized control of the wretched population of the strip, for, in this way, we arouse these people to take action and make them into bad guys.

Such a perspective seems to be the opposite if we take into account that we ourselves are the only reason for all the events that are happening.

Question: How is it possible to reach a feeling of responsibility like this? How do we educate the people about this?

Answer: Don’t lay it out all at once. Rather, we will feel this little by little. We will not hear, we will not agree, but we will feel much more that this is so.

This is called receiving the baton from the Creator and beginning to manage things correctly. Otherwise, how is it possible to be connected with Him if we don’t look at the world like this?

After all, everything that is happening awakens the Upper Light. If we have complaints and claims about anyone except ourselves, then it is a complaint against the Creator. If I blame someone other than myself, this means that I am blaming the Creator.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/22/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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