The Method Of Universal Unification

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is Israel geographically surrounded by enemies who pressure it from all sides?

Answer: Only so we would rise to the next level, the level of our complete interaction. This is the state the world is waiting for as an example from us, because it doesn’t have the solution to the general crisis, just like we don’t have the solution to the conflict in the Middle East. If we solve our problem with unification, then analogously, the world will gradually solve the problem of the crisis.

Question: So what’s happening in Israel now will happen in the whole world as well?

Answer: Undoubtedly! Because we are the ones who have the method for universal unification. Two thousand years ago, we lived according to this method. Back then we were the first to realize it inside ourselves, that this was what our state’s existence was based upon. And now this nation is not in accord with these principles by which we should exist, because we need to live in overall unity between us, rising above our mutual egoism, rising above our current nature.

Question: Then how should Israel coexist with its neighbors today?

Answer: By paying no attention to them. If we start to focus on our own unity, then we’ll see how quickly, in the span of a few weeks, we will create a positive field within and around ourselves. They will stop bothering us, and the entire world will begin to feel goodwill towards us instead of hatred.

Question: So we don’t need to take any defensive actions?

Answer: Defensive actions are needed, but they’ll only help temporarily. We should do that in parallel, but only in order for us to have enough time to reach that force of unity that’s called “mutual guarantee.” It exists on a level above all the other forces in our world because it belongs to the level of “Adam – human.” Currently, we exist in the state of still, vegetative, and animate nature. Nowhere in the world has a society been created that exists as one whole. But we can accomplish it, and today the world needs it, since it doesn’t have a solution to the crisis.

This issue can only be solved through mutual connection, the correct unification amongst ourselves. Only then will we reach a balance with nature and all its properties, because if a person unites with others correctly, he develops within himself a new property, a new force that lifts him and favorably affects all other levels of nature.

This isn’t a simple unification that we’re accustomed to imagining, but a very serious and sober understanding that without unity, we won’t find that force that will balance our egoism.

We need a positive force that will balance out the negative force, and then through the help of these two forces we’ll be able to advance and also push this equilibrium through into the world. Then the world will gradually exit the crisis; it will begin to understand that through this balance between people, through mutually complementing each other, they can deal with everything that is happening around us. We call this mutual guarantee.

People become united with their hearts and thoughts, realizing that they belong to one single whole. And then the upper force appears in them, and it really releases all tensions, removes all conflicts in the world, and brings everything into a state of balance.
From the Talk About the Situation in Israel 11/22/12

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