Exiting A Dead End

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Human nature is such that in a desperate situation, one is ready to accept any illogical solutions. So if Israel finds itself in a truly critical situation, it will say: “So what can I do? Let’s try to connect.”

Answer: It is impossible without a deficiency, without sufferings. The problem is how to ease these sufferings. People have to see in advance that this is the good and easy way that solves all their problems: political, military, economic, ideological, etc., eliminates anti –Semitism, and changes the whole world so that it will treat us well.

But until we reach the minimal general connection among us, we will have to guard all our borders simultaneously. However, the moment we reach general unity, we will see clearly how unnecessary these borders are. We will summon the balance that this world needs.

I am not fantasizing; I am a very realistic person. I am speaking about the fact that there are forces in this world that we, the Israeli nation, can use, and it is a pity that we don’t do that. So it is as if the whole world is telling us that we are the reason for all the suffering, which is true.

We have a serious scientific method, although on the outside it seems like a game of “being good kids.” We have to study and implement it.
From a Talk about the situation in Israel 11/22/12

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