What Can We Count On?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Many people find it easier to believe in God rather than in the method of mutual guarantee

Answer: We have already seen throughout history that blind faith in God leads to nothing. It may ease a person’s life, but it isn’t what is required of us.

We are required to intervene accurately, toughly, and wisely in nature. We have to create an additional good force in nature, in order to balance the evil force that was created that way on purpose so that a person himself will balance his evil egoistic nature, and create a better, balanced state in it, and thus develop and rise.

We have to act subconsciously, to build a second nature together with the egoistic nature and connect the two in a balanced way—it is in the balance between them without erasing our ego, but by using it as it is and by that adding a positive attitude towards others to it, thus balancing it.

It is a whole system that begins to raise us above our world. I hope it will succeed because I simply don’t see any other way out. Eventually it will bring us to the level of eternal existence that is whole and logical.

But how much suffering will our people have to go through before they begin to hear this, to open our home page, for example, and to penetrate into this method a little. Since it is against our ego, people are immediately repelled by it and don’t believe it. It seems silly and illogical to them—where are the missiles, where are the military forces? People have always counted on power, but it is only now that we begin to understand that it isn’t the solution. For the first time in our existence we begin to see that the solution is not in military operations.

Eventually people will understand the truth, but it is a pity that we may have to go through much suffering in order to capture people’s attention a bit, to summon fear in people for their future, and to force them to listen.
From a Talk about the situation in Israel 11/22/12

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