Where Is Happiness Hiding?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Does the wisdom of Kabbalah enable a person to be happy? How does it happen?

Answer: A person asks questions about the meaning of life from childhood until he begins to develop hormonally. Then he forgets about these questions. But if they arise again later in life, he looks for answers to these questions.

Today there are quite a few such people. We can see this according to the number of people who are depressed or who suppress these troubling, tormenting questions by using drugs. Today these people make up half the world’s population and at least a high percentage take anti-depressant medication.

Therefore, the time has come for people to know that the wisdom of Kabbalah provides the answers to all their questions. Moreover, these are the exact answers they discover on their own and perceive as their attainment of the world, as the attainment of nature. At the same time, the answers they find don’t simply and abstractly connect to their questions, but they see how it works in their feelings, in the revelation of the world.

Thus, we should allow people not only to attain the world but also to change it, to change themselves and bring themselves and the world to the right connection that results in happiness, comfort, and harmony and balance between man and the world around him.

Here the wisdom comes to our aid, telling us how nature is arranged and what can be changed in man in order to reach harmony with nature and to exist in our world in a state of perfect balance. Balance is happiness.
From KabTV’s “The New Year” 12/25/14

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