We Were Chosen To Serve The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The nation of Israel is one of the most unloved nations in the world and its approval rating is decreasing. From all sides pressure is increasing on us; clouds cover the horizon and we can’t see any clarity ahead for us.

In connection to this, in the mind of the public, the term, “the chosen people” has resurfaced, receiving all kinds of different interpretations. Some have repudiated it, but around 70% of the Israeli population still believes that we are “the chosen people.”

Much has been said, written and filmed on this subject. Dr. Avi Beker of Tel Aviv University, has published an entire book in which he suggests that the question of being “chosen” eternally holds the center of Jewish existence.

So what is this “chosen people”? Who chose us? What is it for? Could it be that we are just standing in line with various other peoples and cultures who have proclaimed that they are chosen? But then why throughout history do they specifically hate us and not anyone else?

Let’s start from the main point: Do you suppose that the Jewish people are chosen?

Answer: Certainly. After all, we have a task, a mission, and an obligation that has been imposed upon us, which is to reveal the Creator to all peoples. We must teach people how the Creator is discovered and watch over them with our concern throughout the way until the goal is attained.

Realization of this obligation, this task, begins from the present era, in our day, here and now. And for this we have been chosen.

Generally it has revealed itself from generation to generation, since the inhabitants of ancient Babylon began to be organized as a unique group around Abraham, living according to the principle, “And you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Abraham created a nation from those who gathered around him. But this was not so that people would live well together; it was not in the name of some philosophical idea or arrogant conceit over other peoples, and it was not to make it easier to survive in this world.

No, they simply wanted to reveal the higher power through the connection between us. This was their goal and it was specifically this which united all of those who adhered to Abraham.

And so latent in our foundation are two aspirations:

  • To become as one person with one heart, coming to love of friends, brotherly love, meaning to attain unity.
  • To consolidate for a reason: to reveal the upper force within this unity.

From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/28/14

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