Who Are We Really?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is it so hard for us to hear that our nation is special and that it has a special mission?

Answer: Because it is obliging and people want to be lost among others and be like everyone else. He thinks to himself: “There are more than two hundred countries in the world, so why can’t Israel just be one of them? Why do we have to stand out? What is the benefit in that?” But we will not be able to hide from our mission.

Question: People say that this is the reason that Jews are not liked because they stand out and consider themselves special.

Answer: I don’t think that we want to stand out, but that’s how it turns out. The Jews take part in all important undertakings and are very successful in what they do. You cannot hide the fact that some thirteen million people have a decisive influence on the world and stand out in science and in every field you can think of.

What is thirteen million people compared to all of humanity, considering the fact that only half of them are adults? It is even less than the population of a large city, but see what an impact they have on all of humanity. Of course, humanity finds it hard to accept this phenomenon.

This is especially true since there is a spiritual root here that obliges the world to see the Jews as strangers. Every nation intuitively feels something against us, but even among the Jews themselves there is a negative attitude towards Israel, because, after all, we have come together as Abraham’s group from all the nations then living in Babylon. In every Jew there is the root of the nation he comes from in addition to the spiritual root, called Israel, that he received.

While this spiritual root stood and operated actively, we were the Israeli nation. But after we fell from the height of this root, we became like all the other nations and even much worse. If Israel falls, it descends lower than all the other nations.

It is for this reason that the main roots of the nations of the world are being revealed in us now more than the spiritual root. Therefore, we want to learn from the nations of the world, to be like them and accept their criticism. It is a natural phenomenon that is typical of everyone more or less.

We only need to understand who we really are and why this is happening to us, what is concealed in us, what process we have been through and still have to go through, what our mission in this world is, and why all the nations accuse us, thus actually admitting that they depend on us.

If they claim that Israel is responsible for all the problems in the world, it is a sign that Israel is so strong, special, high, and powerful that it can affect the whole world for the worse. How can some 13 million people, which is the population of a small state, have such an impact on the whole world? How does that happen?

This is their way of telling us that we are the source, the pipe through which they receive either the good or bad energy. If we behave differently, we will become the source of goodness for the world.

The goodness is not in bringing the world new discoveries and Nobel prizes but in bringing the world Light and peace. This isn’t some technical invention but a force that reaches people and calms them, a force that connects them correctly and makes them into one whole. Then they will begin to live in peace and harmony by caring about one another. Everyone will be guaranteed a safe and peaceful life in this world.
From Kab TV’s “A New Life” 8/14/14

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