The “Chosen People” Have A Responsibility Before The World. Who Is Willing?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: From my experience during trips abroad, I can say that in relation to the concept of the “chosen people,” others envy the Jews and ask: “Why them, but not us?”

Answer: What advantages do people see in being the “chosen people”? More money? Are the Jews awarded some special treatment other than anti-Semitism and general hatred? Would anyone like to take their place? If you look at it from the standpoint of common sense, then it is better not to be Jewish.

Only if I accept my duty, if I feel that I can perform a special task in the world, then it makes sense to be a Jew. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Hence, there is assimilation, an inability to accept one’s Jewishness, and the like. If various Jewish organizations around the world started speaking with a warm heart about the role of the people of Israel by leading them towards unity through love, then there would be no assimilation in its current scale. Then a person would feel that a special part that needs to be realized is inherent in him, that he is unique in history, in all reality, in the universe.

Question: Isn’t there a pretext of pride?

Answer: There is a place for responsibility and care for others, but not for pride. Being deeply acquainted with the methodology, personally, I feel no arrogance; I am just anxious about realizing our mission.

It is said: “The Creator has chosen you,” but He chose you for the purpose of correction. You have to work; you should take care of the whole world. And after you complete your task, and all people unite in love becoming a single entity, there will be no difference between us. People will integrally unite in a common “sphere” that has no right or left, no top or bottom, no great or small. Everyone will unite together, similar to the upper force.
From a “Talk at the Convention” 6/5/12

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