A Special Account With The People Of Israel

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe people of Israel are a group of people who severed a connection with Babylon because they received and experienced a unique desire directed towards attaining the Creator. As a result of that, they received this method of attainment from Abraham based upon the “mercy of Abraham,” on the principle, “and you shall love your friend as yourself.”

It is written about this, “There is none else besides Him.” The Creator is the only force that works in reality. In order to discover this, it is necessary to connect and reach equivalence of form with this force. And this is discovered in us specifically through love of others just as one loves oneself. We gradually acquire love, and so the higher power is also gradually discovered.

The means that makes it possible for us to discover the higher force through connection is called Kabbalah. By definition, the wisdom of Kabbalah is a method for revealing the Creator to the creature in this world. He is discovered to the degree that one takes on equivalence with His characteristics: bestowal and love. What characterizes Him must also characterize the creature.

So people who feel an inner drive towards this, who have awakened Reshimot (spiritual genes) like these within them, hear the message of Abraham in Babylon. Maimonides writes about this in his book, Mishna TorahThe Laws of Idol Worship: When he was forty years old Abraham recognized his Creator and began to stand and loudly proclaim to all of the people to let them know that there is one God for the whole world and it is fitting to serve Him. And he went and proclaimed and gathered people from city to city and from kingdom to kingdom, in that Babylon, until thousands and myriads were gathered to him, and they were the people of the House of Abraham. And this great principle was planted in their hearts and books were written about it, and this went and grew in the children of Jacob and in those who accompanied them and a nation was made in the world which knows the Creator.

This is talking about a unique people that has maintained its uniqueness to this day. Indeed, their ancestors received spiritual awakening even during the time of Babylon and with the help of Abraham molded the concept of the “people of Israel.” In fact, this was a group of people who were connected in order to attain the Creator through special unique relationships between them.

Of course, of all of humanity, of all modern Babylon, there is a special account particularly with the people of Israel. So this group is found in such bad, unpleasant, stressful circumstances. Unconsciously, everyone demands for it to maintain its obligation. Along with this, the Jews don’t understand what is wanted from them, and the nations of the world themselves don’t understand what they want from this group.

This is expressed in anti-semitism, the well-known phenomenon throughout our entire history. And to the degree that we can bring ourselves and the world closer to correction and to adherence to the goal of creation, then the waves of hatred, meaning the forces that want to awaken us to our role, lessen.

And with the opposite, meaning to the degree that we cannot recognize it, are not ready, are stubborn, and don’t want to carry out our role, then these forces are strengthened and influence us in a particular way. And so someone who looks at the world in the right way can understand that this attitude towards the Jewish people, and in general towards the entire condition of the world, including the environment, the economy, health and so on, and the general state of the Kli (vessel) that must reach adherence with the Creator depends solely and only on that group that must show the world how to reach adherence with the Creator.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/02/14, Chosen Topics on: Mission of the People of Israel

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