Anti-Israel Hysterics In The ICC

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (The Huffington Post): “The State of Palestine’s strategy of joining the International Criminal Court (ICC) is a qualitatively new approach to the bilateral negotiations with Israel and the US brokerage of the “peace process.” This strategy does not undermine the pursuit of a two-state solution, which is the title of the international consensus for a peaceful solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Rather, the strategy puts everyone before the test of choosing between the earnest implementation of the two-state solution, or putting the Israeli occupation and settlements on trial before international courts.

“What is new is that the Palestinian side, which is traditionally considered weak and has been forced to submit to dictates, today has the right to go to the ICC to sue Israel for war crimes and other practices related to occupying another country, from building illegal settlements to forcibly deporting Palestinians.”

My Comment: Appealing to reason, justice, and independent investigation is useless. Everything is planned in advance by the Creator from above because we do not prevent the inclusion of the negative forces of our development. We anticipate them by our desire to unite, and this desire can cancel out all our enemies, changing them into our friends!

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