Europe’s Concerns

laitman_926_02In the News (from The Times): “The French are turning to tranquillisers as never before to overcome the anxiety provoked by last week’s terrorist attacks. Sales of anti-anxiety drugs and sleeping pills were 18.2 per cent higher than usual between Friday and Tuesday, researchers said yesterday.

“French shoppers are staying away from the seasonal sales, too — not only because they are afraid of more attacks but also because they are too demoralized to buy new clothes.

“Only 49% of the French made purchases in stores in the first week of sales, which began on the 7th of January – on the day of the shooting at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

“Experts call this situation unprecedented not only for France, but also for the whole world. … There is also an increased demand for psychotherapist services.”

My Comment: Unfortunately, this is only the beginning. After all, to make Europe “come round,” to act according to the plan of creation, to understand the necessity of real unity, not just one event like this but more “serious pressure” on French Jews will be required.

I can only urge anyone who understands the meaning of what is happening to try to convey it to all his friends. This can effectively reduce the suffering!

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