What Can The French Jews Do?

laitman_961Question: The latest terrorist attacks are no surprise for the Jews in France. There were too many signs indicating the approach of something like that. As a consequence, the question of moving to Israel is on the agenda for many. The young see this as a logical step. Are we waiting for a new wave of immigration in Israel?

Answer: Absolutely. However, people here still do not understand this.

I, myself, came here more than forty years ago after nearly thirty years spent, as they say, in exile where I was born and grew up. Until now, I remember the feeling with which native Israelis are not familiar. Some even believe that there is no anti-Semitism in the world. People who grew up here just do not feel what this exile is and everything connected with it.

Question: Do you think that France is a special case or, conversely, a symptom of the general malaise?

Answer: France is really a special place. It is special with respect to aspirations for freedom of speech and to a very negative attitude toward the Jews and to the huge migration from Muslim countries.

I anticipate there to be great complications and not necessarily associated with Jews. Indeed, today, the goal of radical Islam is to show the world that its influence and power is spreading everywhere. The essence is in threatening, in a powerful psychological pressure throughout Europe.

Therefore, the recent terrorist attacks are only the beginning. Radicals have countless people who are ready for anything.

Question: What can the French Jews do?

Answer: They can do nothing. They have no security umbrella. They are defenseless.

The solution is in the general task of the Jewish people: to show the world the method of uniting all the people that will let us align with global nature that is manifested today. The world needs to establish correct connections. Otherwise, confusion, chaos among us, and confrontations between countries, regions, nations, and so forth—as a result of being opposite to nature—are destroying us.

Therefore, anti-Semitism will grow in the world. After all, subconsciously, people feel that only we will give the solution. This awareness is in the blood of the nations, and, of course, they are not to blame for this. It is a natural phenomenon.

It is only necessary to understand that it is up to us.
From KabTV’s “Like a Bundle of Reeds” 1/11/15

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