Europe Under Extremist Attacks

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What do the latest terror activities in France signify for Israel?

Answer: I don’t believe that any world event can bring something good for us. That is my initial position. Even if they begin to speak about some kind of solidarity, it lasts for only a few days, then later everything will return to how it was before, and again we will see a negative attitude toward Israel, including open anti-Semitism, recognition of Hamas, and the like.

France is one of those nations that stands at the head of this process. It is convinced that only ISIS and Al Qaeda are the bad boys. If terrorists go against Israel and see this as the main target, it doesn’t bother France to give them legitimacy.

As a result, I suppose that tragic events like the latest ones will repeat themselves. This is only the beginning because the goal of extreme Islam is to show Europe that it is old, tired, and unable to oppose the pressure of the young revolutionary Islamic movement.

Actually, this is the case. I see this in my conversations and interviews in Europe. For example, when we talked with the mayor of Vienna, he admitted that nowadays Europe is not able to awaken and encourage people to do things. It is tired, exhausted, and is experiencing the sunset of its days.

Comment: Today we are reminded that Jews took part in the formation of the republic, and if they leave, then France will no longer be as before.

Answer: That is correct. According to my information, in spite of its attitude to the Jewish community, which is far from good, about a thousand Jews in France are supporting its infrastructure. If they leave, the nation will not be able to recover. Since the matter here is not quantity, but the same weight of influence that the Jews acquired in industry, banking, science, and the like, France will not be able to manage without them.
From KabTV”s “Like the Bundle of Reeds” 1/11/15

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