The Boycott Of Israel

laitman_259_02In the News (mignews):The personnel at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs fear that the country will not be able to resist the campaign of delegitimization and boycott. A senior representative of the Ministry said: ‘We do not have the tools to confront political intifada.'”

My Comment: Everything is happening according to plan, and they will strike and hate Israel until we understand what humanity demands from us. And the moment that we understand and hear the voices of the Kabbalists, we will begin to carry out the instructions for connection and uniting, and then the threats and pressure, the delegitimization, and the boycott will stop immediately!

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  1. I always want to object to these people. why do they not want shattering for instance?I like shattering as it is now. it is better than kabbalah lessons. if there werent shatering there wouldnt be anything would be like you are frozen in a room where there is nothin, no sound, no movement outside and we would feel very, I would feel lonely because you wouldnt be. it is such a pain. why should it pain us we are broken?

  2. usually when there is this one thing or anything there are two ways to it equally true. Only in one place this isnt happenning(relating something with israel) I cant revert the directions. is it how it suppose to be?

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