The Revolution Of The 21st Century: A Quiet Revolution

laitman_269(Continued from the “Revolution Of The 21st Century: Rich Man, Poor Man”)

The solution is only in teaching the people. People need to be taught the principles and form of unity between them.

When the general integral method begins functioning, the very nature of this education will affect people, including those who do not want it, as well as the rich who are not covered by it.

Indeed, we all live, willy-nilly, in a highly interconnected society, and, if part of it is already using integral education, the new values affect the others—those who are well provided for and are indifferent to what is happening.

Often, these people spend most of their time abroad and are in Israel only to manage their businesses. However, nevertheless, an integral message will penetrate into them.

Thus, you really can cover everyone. Teaching unity, by its nature, gets to the people because they all are connected by inextricable mutual ties, rich and poor, fortunate and unfortunate.

It is enough if some part of the system absorbs a healthy approach to life, and this trend will be transferred to others, so much so that even the “moneybags” will speak in terms of overall integration and social rehabilitation.

Thus, a revolution is realized, more radical, but bloodless, quiet and reliable, compared to forceful methods. It will succeed where all the previous radical attempts ended without any positive result.

On the one hand, addressing the people, we must use their hatred of the rich, but, on the other hand, use it not as a catalyst for violence and destruction, but as a springboard to a good and happy life the integral method will provide them, “Look how much progress we can achieve if we properly connect to each other.”

Then, people will be calmed down. They will see that they will be able to protect themselves from conflicts in life by building all kinds of mutual aid and support together. Hopelessness, the deceptive indifference of the doomed, that actually is threatening to explode, will disappear.

Everything should be achieved not by force, but by numbers. Work with the masses will be required, to which corresponding contributions, special funds, and so forth will be allocated. We are talking about a large-scale, but fairly budgeted project that will lead people to true unity.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/14/15

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