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laitman_283_01Question: Where should I study after the age of forty?

Answer: I believe that a person should study his entire life. He mustn’t be free of the framework of the teachings of the wisdom of connection. He should have one notebook all his life where the grades for every subject he has studied would be recorded and the records of the instructor that taught him about the fixed system in which he accounts for what a person has learned.

It would be even better if these records were input into a general computer where I could type someone’s family name and see what that person has learned, what he knows, and most importantly, whether he has had a chance to correct himself and to what extent he is connected to others. According to these data, it would be possible to judge which actions he can perform for the sake of the society, what else he needs, and so forth. The society would use these records in order to assess every individual and to assign him to the desirable activity for the benefit of the society.

Question: Does this mean that it isn’t a fantasy and that you really believe that there must be some positive surveillance of everyone?

Answer: It is better than if the FBI or the KGB kept a file on him. If the KGB looked for whether you are an enemy of the state, here they would look for whether you are a friend of the state.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 5/13/15

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