The Most Important Work Of Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe goal of Kabbalistic education is to transform a person into an inseparable part of the family, the city, the country, and the world so that a person will gradually increase the range of his good relationships with everyone, will intensify his good influence on all of humanity, on all of nature, and will get the same reaction from the environment.

When a person rises above his ego and is properly connected with everyone, he must rise above nature.

So it is necessary to begin the right education when the fetus is still in his mother’s womb; after all, he already feels the environment, hears voices, and reacts to everything that is happening around him. But to do this, first it is necessary to educate the parents for the future.

So it is up to us to begin immediately, quite literally, with the entire society. Older people must be taught to correct what they still can correct to pass something good on to their grandchildren. Young couples simply must go through a very serious preparation for life, because otherwise, their marriage will fail. And we see that this is actually already happening.

Regarding the children, instead of the distorted sex education in schools, we must implement a balanced education that includes understandable sex education; after all, this is a significant part of our lives. But this education must be balanced with psychology, with mutual understanding, with knowledge about how to cooperate between us, how to concede to each other, in fact, with the knowledge of how to create a family as a small circle.

Learning about the right connection with parents, children, grandfathers and grandmothers will gradually move on to relationships between families, between the neighbors, co-workers, between bosses and subordinates, and after that it can even extend to the entire country and the whole world.

In other words, we must teach a person how to communicate in different circles, giving him a formula of behavior; and accordingly, people will begin to understand each other’s psychology. After all, today there is no connection between us, so each one wants to suppress the other. But the right global integral society that wants to survive long-term cannot be based upon suppression. So the most important problem in the world is education.

Comment: We have always thought that the most important thing for a person is intelligence, and now you are saying that this is not so important.

Answer: Today a person doesn’t need this anymore since our technological development has reach a point where a small number of people can supply all of humanity with all that it needs.

So to prevent wars, so that we don’t annihilate each other, don’t deteriorate as humans, don’t wander around the streets with vacant eyes not knowing what to do with ourselves, we require the appropriate education. Technology and production have now come to such levels that there won’t be a need for a work force and we will reach mass unemployment.

So we must give a person the most important work for him: transforming himself into an integral component existing simultaneously in two worlds and working not in the physical world but in the spiritual world. This work was intended for us from the start according to the program of nature. So the transition from an earthly enterprise to a spiritual enterprise, the preparation and elevation of humanity for entry into the next level, this is the most important thing for us.

The goal of the wisdom of Kabbalah is to educate humanity for spiritual work on the next level, which urgently requires realization, and we are not ready for this yet. Before us is an immense field of activity. We must hurry.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories,” 10/23/14

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