You Cannot Attain The Upper World By Using Drugs

Laitman_172Question: People didn’t use drugs for pleasure in ancient times but in order to develop spiritually. I have seen through using drugs some schemas and cogwheels; the world turns into a matrix and I see sounds and smells and a Machsom (barrier) and then the road that leads all the way to the world of Infinity. That was when I was a teenager, but now it doesn’t happen! I found an explanation for this in your method. I have been listening to you and reading the materials you publish, but I cannot even transcend the Machsom now! What is the catch?

Answer: Drugs dull egoism and it is actually the revelation of the ego that is crucial in order to transcend the Machsom, which is the border between the desire the receive (egoism, our nature) and the desire to bestow (the upper nature that appears in us only under the influence of the wisdom of Kabbalah, of the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif). I cannot make the decision for you whether to stop using drugs, but they will certainly stand in your way of attaining the nature of the upper world. Everything you feel under the influence of drugs is unreal!

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