The Third Temple And A Solution To The Global Problem

laitman_937Wandering in the desert is a very difficult internal state through which a person gradually grows.

The desert changes him from being a slave of the egoistic desire to being the ego’s master. This occurs in the 40 years of wandering in the desert. A person gradually ascends his ego, step by step and changes it into the attribute of bestowal.

It isn’t easy to cross the desert; this is man’s problem, and it must be overcome. This is the reason that the Torah ends with the crossing of the desert and entering into the land of Israel. That’s it! That’s all we need. We get the force we can advance onward correctly with.

But why doesn’t the Torah tell us how to fight and to conquer the land of Israel. After all, the spies said that seven nations live there. It is because it is futile to fight them. Today we live in the same way.

We were given a method that tells us how to absorb the Light of correction, but nothing more than that. It turns out that if you bring yourself to the land of Israel, it seems that you are left on your own afterward, because at this point you advance directly toward conquering the land of Israel, which means toward overcoming your true egoistic desire. Before that it was only the preparation. Now you enter your egoistic heart and begin to conquer it, to digest, and to process it into the attribute of love and bestowal.

In the past we built the First and the Second Temples, which were destroyed. Now after these two destructions, we have to build the Third Temple on the foundation of the first two. But we cannot build it alone, not only the nation of Israel. It has to be built by the whole world. This is the reason that it is so powerful and eternal. The Third Temple is the correction of the global egoistic desire that the Creator has created. The whole world must take part in it. It is like the prophet Ezekiel says: “The nations of the world will carry the children of Israel and bring them to Jerusalem,” which means that they will bring them to the necessity to build the Third Temple.

Question: Does this mean that the Third Temple will no longer be Jewish but international?

Answer: Yes. Today the world already begins to feel that all the problems come down to one intricate network, to something everyone shares: if you pull the string everything will fall apart just like a house of cards. If there is a small problem in some part on the globe, it is immediately echoed all over the world. The world becomes more mutually connected every day so that we will begin to realize that we have to find a global solution to the problem and we are not prepared for it. Our role is to bring humanity to the understanding of how to be ready to face this new situation.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/28/15

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  1. ego’s master? ahahah! who wants to be an ego’s MASTER? and egoist? 😀

    so, will there be suffering for those people from my ex work place or not? geez. I dont like to be like them when I ask for it. isnt there a way out of this? can i not want someone to suffer without feeling like them?

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