The Ancient Secret Of The Jews

laitman_749_01Question: Why is it that throughout history the Jews have been hated so much?

Answer: In different times, various excuses have been cited. After all, the Jews weren’t always accused like they are today for running the world, manipulating everyone through the banks, and enslaving humanity this way. In the past, it was rumored that they were starving people, sending all kinds of infectious diseases, causing corruption and the evil eye, etc. In general, to every normal person it is clear that the Jews had some kind of secret that is impossible to grasp in any way, even if you were to grab them and strongly shake them. It isn’t clear, but they have something of the source that is unusual, and what is unusual is the fact that the Jewish people have succeeded in existing for so many thousands of years.

There are even various theories about their creation. They are different from the rest in that supposedly they came to Earth from a distant star or were created from a different type of ape, etc. There are a multitude of reasons for not liking Jews, and if some kind of negative event happens in the world, then it is always possible to pin this on them. On one hand, it is easy to make them a scapegoat, but on the other hand, there is really something about them that makes people feel that they are to blame for everything.

Among the nations of the world, this is a natural feeling. Suppose that I am not a Jew. I look at them and feel that they have something that we don’t have. It is not clear what it is, but it is there. How can one fight against this? What can one do with it? I don’t know.

The Jewish religion, even though it is the foundation of all religions, is directed against them for some reason. Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Confucians, all of them, are centered on themselves, whereas, for some reason, the Jews have a relationship with everything.

The Inside Information of the Jews

Question: All people who become dispersed among other peoples must disappear after three generations according to geopolitical laws. Only the Jewish people have held onto their position for not only three generations but for 2,000 years in exile. On one hand, for the length of their existence itself, and on the other hand, the hatred of humanity toward them makes the Jewish people something illogical. Where does this irrational hatred come from?

Answer: From the point of view of the wisdom of Kabbalah, it is because in some way we truly are the source of evil for all of humanity. We have a remedy through which we can make everyone happy, and we not only don’t give it to others, but we also haven’t discovered it ourselves because we don’t know that we are the ones who possess this remedy. The idea is that the method for acquiring happiness is concealed within us and is kept as inside information, as something that could be revealed to the world.

This method has been latent in us from the beginning. We became a people based upon it. Around three and a half thousand years ago in ancient Babylon, we became detached from all of humanity and gathered together to the call of Abraham, “Whoever wants to understand the meaning of life, the essence of what is happening with us, what stopped us from understanding each other and why we built the Tower of Babel, whoever feels that salvation can only be through connection and consolidation, come with me!” That is how we consolidated around him. Moreover, Abraham gathered representatives of completely different tribes who didn’t understand each other and didn’t know what to do. But he explained what was happening to this mixed audience, and he showed them how it is possible to rise above the separation, above the hatred, above all the differences, and connect into a single whole, and this single whole became the Jewish people.

Question: Now, do we carry a genetic memory of this unity within us?

Answer: This is not just a genetic memory. It is a program that plays within us. We are connected to each other according to a particular algorithm, and from our connection, we have understood somehow that it is necessary to continue to develop the idea of mutual connection even though, at every moment, we really want to get out of it.

Question: So were those people who followed Abraham drawn toward this unity?

Answer: They understood through their inner sense that there is a method for salvation here because all of Babylon was in a terrible state and humanity dispersed throughout the world. In his historical writings, Flavius Josephus described in which directions all the various tribes (clans) scattered. Some went east, others to the north, to the south, and so forth, becoming the foundation for the present civilization. However, Abraham gathered tens of thousands around him who had the same outlook and actively showed them how to connect based upon the method of connection circles.

These were practical lessons that included all of the nuances of their common life within them. Abraham took them out of Babylon and led them to the land of Canaan (present day Israel), and with their adaptation to this land, it also was called the “House of Abraham.” They were engaged constantly with connection because, every day, every moment, the aspiration to scatter again appeared in them. After the ego grew in them, rejection constantly flared up between them, and they needed to connect again. So, their method constantly became more sophisticated, despite and thanks to the development of the egoism within them.

To be continued.
From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 6/4/15

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  1. Jews are not the source of Evil! Be in Kabbalah it’s understood that evil & Demons do not exist ! They hate us because on deeper Subconsciousness level they know we are the bearers of light & we are not doing on job which is to show them how to connect to the light & understanding of how we are all connected as one !

  2. Jews are not the source of Evil! Be in Kabbalah it’s understood that evil & Demons do not exist ! They hate us because on deeper Subconsciousness level they know we are the bearers of the light & we are not doing our job which is to show them how to connect to the light & understanding of how we are all connected as one !

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