Contending With Every Threat

laitman_600_02Opinion (Aristarh Rabinovich): “A year or two ago a political revolution developed in the communications media about the involvement of the police in many ‘scandals’ regarding the use of unnecessary force, sexual harassment, excessive violence and so forth. And so naïve people believe all of these slanders, and as a result, the population is beginning to support the ‘revolutionaries’ who are destroying the nation. A few months of riots in the streets and there will be no nation.

“And suddenly it became Israel’s turn. As if on command, in the Israeli news appeared about ‘police lawlessness.’ They had seen that it was not okay to apply pressure on Israel from the outside. Shooting attacks only consolidate the society against an external enemy. So the United States went in another direction: the United States is preparing a diplomatic coup in Israel, dividing and splitting the society through national disputes and differences. The Americans very much need to oust the rebellious Netanyahu, who is leading Israel towards independence from the United States.”

My Comment: I think that whether this is correct or not, we can stand against any threat and win only if we are united. When we unite, the unique power of unity appears among us, the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light), the Upper Light, which shields us and transforms enemies into friends. Everything depends on us!

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