Protests As A Manipulation Of The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Haim Misgav, an attorney and lecturer of law at the Netanya Academic College, Israel): “This is not a friendly protest. …this protest comprises too many components that are empty of substance, infuriatingly hollow, anarchistic, and seemingly innocent….

“However, this protest is unfriendly …because of the manner in which it emerged and because of the ultimate objective hiding being it. Unfriendly elements… feed it with slogans and lies from the moment of inception, wickedly and maliciously, motivated by a clear intent to topple a government elected at the ballots. Organizations hiding behind seemingly innocent names whose funding sources were never fully (or at all) publicized are funding this protest….

“That’s the essence of these artificial protests. Demagoguery and more demagoguery coupled with the dissemination of baseless hatred against certain strata or sectors…. Their only purpose is to undermine the existing order and create a “new world” – one that is anarchic, radical and seemingly liberal, just like in Stalinist Russia.”

My Comment: Earlier, during the time of the USA and USSR opposition, Israel was essential to the US, and it benefited from it. However, afterwards, as the opposition ended, the need for it has ceased to exist. Further, it has become a stumbling block in the creation of a union of the USA and all of the Arab world, headed by Saudi Arabia. According to the new USA scheme, they need a connection with radical Islam. In this way, they will be able to continue maintaining their interests in the world political game.

But the laws of nature are not set by the politicians and ceasing their support of Israel, the United States, as a great power, will harm itself because it goes against the laws of human development towards a united integral society.

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