You Cannot Take A Vacation From Yourself

Laitman_407_01The method of Kabbalah allows us to really achieve a harmonious, balanced state. With its help, we find contentment, not in lowering ourselves from the human to the animate level like during a vacation.

Usually, a person goes on vacation to think about nothing, to disconnect from daily news, that is, to separate himself from human society with its problems.

He doesn’t worry about food or family concerns—only about what to bring pleasure to his physical body: to sunbathe on the beach, swim in the sea, then to have dinner, after dinner a little nap, in the evening to sit in a coffee shop to talk, drink beer or wine, to dance—everything is quiet, serene. The next day is the same thing; a person lowers himself to the level of an animal.

He does not advance anywhere this way, but acts just to benefit his body with comfortable bodily sensations. Nothing but this concerns him. This is the same degree as that of a cat basking in the sun that behaves in the same way.

It is good to relax like this if a person is capable of it. But we are approaching such forms of development of the world where a person cannot be satisfied with this.

On the other hand, life will become so difficult that we will not be able to afford to go on vacation. The crisis will intensify. The times when people took time off and traveled around the globe will be over. All the hotels around the world will be empty.

The process of evolution, which is controlled by one egoistic force, will lead us to the full realization of evil. We will see that we are at the mercy of the evil force and can do nothing about it. We have all the potential to turn this world into paradise, but there is one evil ruler who does not let us live happily.

Hotels and beaches will become empty. Everything seems to be arranged for our pleasure, but we will not be able to enjoy this; we will have neither the desire nor money for this. Thus, we will become aware of the need to reveal the positive force, which will balance the evil.

All over the world there will be increasing tension, conflicts between countries, clashes, revolutions, murders, violence, and terror. The globe will shake so much as if it has gone mad. Why do we need all this, what for? No one will have an answer. The evil force will rule over us in everything.

Gradually, we will realize that we must reveal the positive force. For this, we will need the wisdom of Kabbalah that allows the Creator to be revealed by created beings in this world. We will not be able to accomplish this without it.

Meanwhile, the upper management hides the force of good from us and reveals the evil, egoistic force more. This will continue until we demand from it to reveal the good force. Then people will be drawn to Kabbalah and will feel the need for it. They will have the patience and desire to grasp this science because without it our life will become worse than death.

If we turn to the wisdom of Kabbalah, then with its help we begin to reveal the positive force of nature, which is manifested in our connection with each other. This happens very fast, like a miracle. As soon as we try to unite as a group, we will immediately reveal the power of good that is able to balance the force of evil.

We feel that a good force is added to our lives. And having two forces can bring order to our lives. It’s impossible to cancel or reduce one force at the expense of another, but it is always possible to arrange them to remain in equilibrium between these two forces and advance.

This is the practical application of the wisdom of Kabbalah that we need to learn.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/18/14

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