Only A Unity Day, Part 2—There Are No Options Without Unity

laitman_947Question: Recently Israel celebrated Unity Day. The government announced it and people went out to the streets, sat in circles and discussed the current state of the nation. These discussion circles took place in universities, various organizations, and city squares. It seems that we are working in the right direction, so what is the problem?

Answer: The problem is that unity shouldn’t last only one day. Unity has to be our constant state. We need true internal unity when people feel close to one another and warmly connected. We will have to work hard on our egoism, but without that we will not be able to live as a nation, even without the international boycott. We can live in this land only if we fulfill our true essence as the nation of Israel.

If we give in to external pressure and accept the demands imposed on us, the outcome is predetermined. After all, those who initiate them basically want to destroy the state and the nation and send us in every which way and take over the space that will be vacated here. Taking this into account, Unity Day is certainly better than nothing at all, but it can also have negative implications if it confuses people and leads them to believe that they have already done it and that there is no need to unite further, after all, they spent a whole day on it.

On the other hand, we have simply polished our pride for the time being by demonstrating a noble initiative. Unfortunately, I don’t feel any unity and I don’t feel that our nation is soldered into one whole. On the contrary, people are submerged in alienation, distancing from one another, hating each other. We don’t need one day in a year but a whole education system that deals with that. We need to regard our divided state as a national problem. We should use all the media channels to guide the nation in the right direction and to show people how to actually unite.

Even if we don’t have any spiritual aspirations, we are trying to resemble the spiritual world through our unity. But first and foremost, people must understand that we will not survive if we are not united.
From KabTV’s “About the Boycott of Israel” 6/3/15

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