The Intellectuals In Israel Bring The Boycott Upon Themselves

laitman_547_05In the News ( “Around a week ago all of the heads of the public universities in Israel came to the President’s House to talk with the president about the academic boycott against Israel that is growing in the world….It is up to us to mobilize and stop the process in the European nations and in the United States. Anti-Israeli student organizations were very few in the past and today they are in all the leading universities.

“The hypocrisy that is dripping from this meeting and from the complaints of the heads of the Israeli academia regarding the matter of the boycott that is rolling towards the doorstep of academia in Israel is breaking records. For many years lecturers working in these universities openly called for boycotts of the nation of Israel and called it a colonialist, students were allowed to demonstrate against the existence of the nation and to call for disobedience in the name of a hypocritical and false ‘freedom of expression.’

“Faculty heads and professors refuse to admit that there is a severe political and anti-Zionist bias in humanities and social science circles and any attempt at a meaningful criticism of this trend is repulsed with absolute and devoutly fundamentalist derision more compatible with marketplace charlatans than to people whose first inclination said to be pulsating in them is an inclination towards curiosity and the quest for truth. When bodies like Im Tirtzu and academia monitor the outcry, they behave like thundering prophets and warn about the end of democracy.”

My Comment: The communities of professors in the universities in Israel are trying to whitewash and purify themselves, separating themselves from the nation, but they are bringing about their own “death.” Nobody in the world accepts them as “one of them.” Their shortsightedness is revealed more and more clearly. Until recently there was a need among them to delegitimize Israel, but now there is need for this and the boycott applies first and foremost to themselves!

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