Communism: Utopia Or Reality, Part 4


Breaking the Deadlock: What Is Preferable?

Question: Why, in spite of the failure of the communism in Russia, did many nations support and hold onto it and begin to establish communist parties?

Answer: The idea, in itself, is very attractive because the masses see a bright future in attaining equality, fraternity, and the proper distribution of the benefits of society. But now people have changed since egoism has reached unimaginable heights in the last few centuries.

Why does war happen? War is a cleansing, a release. It transforms all egoists into equals. It kills the egoism in them because it is about survival. After all, in order to survive, it is necessary to be connected with all the others. It is necessary to think about the common trouble, about the common victory, about the shared success. So war inflames intense and egoistic passions in nations and peoples and is a kind of common denominator.

After the Soviet pseudo-communism, a few years later it was implemented in Germany, but in the form of national fascism. In fact, it was one and the same.

Today humanity is approaching war. It is already spoken about it as if it is inevitable: “What will be, will be, but there is no alternative.” Where once people were afraid of pressing the red button, now, it is as if now there is no fear of nuclear war.

Question: Does humanity subconsciously want war?

Answer: Today, humanity understands that our lives have no meaning, no co realization, that human beings are some kind of dead-end branch of nature, that it has made a big mistake because egoism gets him nowhere. This suggests that egoism has reached its end.

We are not yet aware of this, but we already see that the ego has taken its courses, like a developing, cancer. After all, a sick person doesn’t feel anything at first, and only later begins to feel and understand that the malignant tumor is devouring him!

Now, humanity is devouring itself, but it must recognize this and stop. In any case, either in a good way or through the way of suffering, we will need to come to that to reach the construction of a happy society.

To be continued.
From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 5/11/15

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