The Collective Is Always Smarter

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Paranormal News): “Numerous examples from everyday life seemingly convince us of the inability of the collective intelligence to make the right decision.

“Meanwhile, under certain conditions, a group, even consisting of people who cannot boast great intellect, is often closer to the truth than its most intelligent members. Averaging eliminates errors made by everyone, and the errors of individuals are mutually cancelled; what remains is the truth or something close to it. The following four conditions must be met for the group to come up with the right solution:

  • The members’ opinion should vary (everyone should have some of his own information, even if it is a misinterpretation of the true facts).
  • They must be independent (everyone’s opinion should not depend on the opinion of others).
  • The group must be decentralized (it does not have leader, whose opinion could be followed by the rest).
  • A mechanism that detects the collective solution.

My Comment: If a group is connected by a single goal but in different ways of achieving it, and seeks the correct way of reaching this goal, independent of anyone’s individual correctness, they will find the true solution with mutual support and general clarification.

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