The Technology Of The “Wisdom Of The Crowd”: Motivation

Dr. Michael Laitman with StudentsQuestion: In crowd sourcing projects, there is no uniform method, uniform schema, that explains how people connect integrally in order to create a collective mind. All the schemes are created as an experiment, but people cannot repeat them. Therefore, communities that are being created can crumble at any moment and possibly cannot even be created. Could this be a problem of motivation because all these societies are organized without a financial interest?

Answer: This must be a gathering of people for whom there exists a single motivation: We are gathered together in order to be connected into a single unified whole. This is called a “crowd.” A crowd is not just an assembly of people who suddenly gathered in a public square because everyone has heard that something new, strange, and interesting will happen there. The wisdom of crowds (crowd sourcing) is people who understand that there is some kind of mutual integration.

Question: Under what conditions does their mutual integration happen? Why do they succeed in uniting?

Answer: From the point of view of integral science, there must be a kind of unity where every person desires to integrate with the others. And this means that he needs to humble himself before the others, no matter what a great, wise, and all-knowing scientist he is. This is to say, people should have a motivation to be integrated with the others, to listen to them.

Therefore, on the one hand I have to be lower than the others, be ready to accept all that they think and know, ready to accept their point of view. On the other hand, I believe that my point of view could be useful to them, and therefore I express it, without pressuring the others.

It follows that there exist two very different levels: I humble myself towards the crowd, which I call a “group,” and I raise myself above the group. Both of these points of view are given credence. Every member in the group works with them both.

It is specifically in this way that I am included in the others; otherwise, I cannot do this. In relation to the crowd, I am working with these two polarized determinants. At one time I am lower than the others and at one time higher than them, and then I approach a state where I am equal to them. In this kind of state I can accept everything and give everything.
From KabTV’s “The Wisdom of the Crowd” 5/6/13

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