Collective Wisdom

Dr. Michael LaitmanAs a result of people connecting during a workshop or roundtable, the collective mind is created. We are aware of this phenomenon known as the “wisdom of the crowd.” If people unite, then an additional force emerges and something new that exceeds their capabilities is born between them. Each possesses mediocre intelligence and capabilities and makes mistakes answering questions. However, when they are discussing it all together, listening to others’ opinions and complementing each other, the average response will be correct or very close to the correct one.

Each member makes a mistake in a different direction and, thus, on average, the answer is correct. However, it’s not only the statistical law of large numbers but also about the emotional aspect. When people unite and want to solve a problem together, they get a special sense. It is not just the average response. Since they have tried to find a solution together, a special addition emerges.

We do not simply ask for an answer from everyone individually as if in a statistical survey, but we bring them together and want to achieve one common result. Then they do not make mistakes. This is the consequence of connection, not just an answer resulting from averaging when one mistake compensates another.

When people connect, a special additional force emerges that propels us to the next level. All of us are on the bottom step; ten on the lower degree are equal to one on the higher degree, in the same way as the entire still level is equal to one plant, and all the plants to one animal, and all the animals to one human being by his power and essence.

It is not a simple equation. The force of the Creator must be added to it because it is required to switch us from the still level, where all the still elements are joined together to the vegetative level to become one plant. However, we should know that this force is always at our disposal. The Upper Light always shines. Once we connect, the Upper Light will instantly and automatically begin to work on us and raise us to the next degree.

Therefore, it is said that the entire still level is equivalent to one plant. The Upper Light is automatically included in this formula. We seemingly know a priori that the Upper Light will act and raise them.

The common answer is obtained not as the average of all the responses. By conducting a workshop and forming a circle, we must come to a common decision, a definition that will be at the center of the circle. We do not need ten separate opinions. That will produce nothing. It will just complicate things as mere philosophizing: One said this and another said that. This is analysis. However, we need synthesis, the general factor belonging to the upper degree!

We do not yet know how to use workshops properly. The workshop is a spiritual vessel, a tool for attaining the end of correction. As a result, we must rise to the level of the gathering of Rabbi Shimon’s group. We just call it by such a mundane word “workshop,” but it implies a real spiritual connection. Workshops should be changed. We will work on this. It cannot just be taught. This skill comes gradually, and the pressure from outside helps in this.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/10/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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  1. Fully agree to this article. Thank you Rabbi Laitman.

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