How Does The Group Change Us?

laitman_626Opinion ( “Collective intelligence (the mind of the hive) is a concept that was born from observations of the behavior of ants and bees. The idea gained popularity and became useful among experts in human resources.

“Freud:’It seems to be enough with a large mass of people for the moral achievements of the constituent individuals to dissipate, and in their place will remain only the most primitive psychological tendencies’.

“The crowd is nourished by the ‘self’ of every person, swallows and digests it, and from this is born the soul of the crowd, it forces them to regress by activating the lower strata of the mind. When swallowed by collective feelings, we don’t have any more responsibility for anything; we are allowed to do anything. It is enough to recall the riots of soccer fans; the group is what transforms us into wild animals, and not soccer!

“In organized collectives, in the army, in religious groups, the clouding of the mind takes place quickly. We feel ourselves as brothers and fall into the captivity of collective fantasies, abandoning personal desire. The concepts of good and evil cease to exist. This explains how Germany, which gave birth to philosophers, musicians and writers, sank into the Nazi insanity. Neither education nor a high level of culture will ensure that a person won’t fall under the control of the masses, even in our day.

“When we gather in a group, we easily lose independence and judgment, and become fools. So that this won’t happen, a collective needs a goal, a sincere desire to attain something, to discover the desire. This has nothing in common with the stupidity and herd instinct of the crowd! The creative energy of the group operates there, where we complement and appreciate each other’s skills and capacities for action. When we cooperate and realize our abilities in the framework of the group, when our voice is not swallowed by the noise of the crowd, then the collective intelligence appears.”

My Comment: This is possible only when the” conditions of group unity” that Rabash gave us are realized. In this  case what happens is a collective and personal ascent above the egoism of each and of everyone, and instead of the creation of a collective ego (Fascism); what happens is the creation of a collective feeling of mutual influence and collective intelligence (the birth of the soul).

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