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laitman_934Question: It is said in The Zohar: “Happy is the one who was among the first ten in the house of meeting, because thanks to them, an assembly that consists of not less than ten people becomes complete and they are blessed by Shechina (Divinity).

After the assembly is complete, correction happens. It is written: “The greatness of the King is in the multitude of people.” So, those who follow the first ten are associated with the bodily correction, that is, with the correction of the congregation. ”

What does it mean, “the first ten followed by the entire nation”?

Answer: Any spiritual structure consists of ten Sefirot, no more and no less. By bringing together ten different properties, we form a mini-model of the universe, including the part of it that we do not know of or have any idea what it is.

The fact is that we are only dealing with our little world, but really don’t know much about it and we can’t fully understand it, not to mention the vast universe, comprising all the worlds. Therefore, it’s absolutely unimaginable to talk about the higher worlds, each of which is billions of times greater than our world.

At the same time, if we build a community of ten people that complement each other, this “vast impossibility,” fortunately, becomes very easy to comprehend. As soon as they connect with each other, the general force that embraces all the worlds starts influencing them. This force is called the Upper Light or the Creator.

By making attempts to maintain harmonious connections, staying in bestowal, and mutually complementing each other in accordance with the principle of “loving thy neighbor as thyself,” we immediately “oblige” the supreme power to impact our efforts to follow the law of similarity of properties. The upper force affects and helps us unite to the degree of our efforts to be connected.

When we comprise one system, we start feeling any commotion that happens between us: one clings to another and then connects with somebody else, and so on… In this case, we directly sense interactions among us. Suddenly, we reveal the powers and properties of the vast universe, including the higher worlds, which we currently have no idea about.

We see: “Oh, there are five worlds between us!” All of a sudden, we clearly perceive five levels, each of which is divided into sub-levels, and so on and so forth. One can explore the entire universe through the union of ten people (a Minyan) who are interconnected by complete bestowal and love. Their connection is sufficient; nothing more is necessary. This is the way we can start comprehending the entire universe.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/21/15

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