An Imminent Threat To Biological Diversity

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (A. Gilyarov, professor Moscow State University): “Environmentalists say that the pace and extent of the decline of biological diversity are comparable to those that accompanied the major mass extinctions of the past geologic ages. There are five known extinctions: The first one was over 443 million years ago; the last one took place already in the Cretaceous period about 65 million years ago, when 40% of all animal families and 70% of the species were wiped out within 2.5 million years. All five previous mass extinctions were caused by natural disasters. But the calamities ended, and new generations of organisms began to populate territories. They had room to settle, live, and evolve.

“The current situation is fundamentally different. The causes of this extinction are associated with the extraordinary evolutionary success of only one species – Homo sapiens. Their number does not correspond to their size and the characteristics of their life cycle (late achievement of sexual maturity, low fertility, and so on). However, due to his extraordinary competitiveness, owning to the development of the brain, the human being has surpassed not only all primates, but also all mammals.

“The cause of the crisis of biodiversity is the human destruction of natural habitats of plants and animals in order to cultivate their desired monoculture in the liberated territories. But even if measures to protect the remaining species are taken, they have nowhere to settle!”

My Comment: There is no rational solution; however, if we reach balance with nature in an integral relationship with each other, we will stop being a cancerous tumor, devouring everything around it, and nature will be restored on all the lower levels.

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