Communism: Utopia Or Reality, Part 8

Laitman_115_05Thousands of years ago the wisdom of Kabbalah predicted that at the end of the 20th century, beginning from the year 1995 and on, humanity would come to a level of egoistic development in which it would feel that there is no bright, alluring, and attractive future ahead for it, but a “common mass grave.”

Until this time it was useless to turn to people who believed that they possessed a normally developing ego with which they could build a society that seems rational and correct to them. People had everything to satisfy their ego: family, children, a plot of land. However, egoism constantly grew: there were two cows, then will even be another; there were a dozen sheep, and then there will be another dozen, etc.

But when a person reaches the peak of egoistic development, he begins to understand that this development is a blind alley; it doesn’t lead anywhere: “I feel that I am not the one using the ego for self-enjoyment; it manages me.” In other words, a person feels egoism as an extraneous force.

A sensation like this awakened and appeared in the 60’s in the United States, with the “hippie” youth movement. The young were attracted to Eastern doctrines, began to organize communes and use drugs. From this everything began.

This was a new drive that was created in people, a new egoism that indicated that it was not appropriate to invest anything in this world; it is finite. So it is worthwhile to think about something else. But about what? And since there were no answers, the hippies remained empty and gradually disappeared from the world.

To be continued….
From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 5/11/15

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