The Revolution Of The 21st Century: On The Benefit Of Integrated Society

laitman_944(Continued from “Revolution Of The 21st Century: Rich Man, Poor Man”)

Question: How exactly will the relationship between rich and poor change due to the method of integral education?

Answer: Thanks to it, we will reveal the system of our interconnection. There is no alternative. To the extent to which these and others are capable, it is necessary to form the correct mechanisms of interaction.

The bottom line is that the two categories of the population receive a new profit, a new fulfillment. They reveal the upper force, life on the human degree, Adam, who is similar to the upper force. They feel that they acquire a new world that is above life and death, above poverty and wealth.

This fulfills a person, replacing former pleasures. Now, he is warmed up not by money, bank accounts, sales, and factories, newspapers and steamships. All this gives only indirect, ever-fading pleasure. Here, a person receives fulfillment directly.

Indeed, our corporeal nature is the desire to enjoy. Its true fulfillment is what we define by the term “Light.” So, the integral method allows us to fill this desire not by money, honor, and power, but by the Light, as such.

There is no replacement. Compared to this, everything else is a substitute. Well-established social relations will allow us to receive natural fulfillment that is obviously more efficient and more attractive than its substitutes, which are generally accepted today.

Question: How can a person get this Light?

Answer: He must be properly connected with others. Then, together they create a single system corresponding to the unity of the Light. The properties of this system in which a person exists coincide with the property of the Light, fulfillment, and then a person feels fulfillment in himself.

Thus, our unity is just a condition on which we receive eternal, perfect fulfillment, and due to it, we reveal life at a higher degree.

Question: So, ultimately, everything depends on our relationships?

Answer: Of course. The Light shows me that we are all in the same system. The formation of the current conditions in it does not depend on us, but now on the basis of the current situation, we must come to a decision.

I make calculations not with what used to be, but with what will be. We need to form such a connection between each other so that together we build a new society. What for? To reveal eternal life in it.

In conclusion, hatred of the rich will end when they, together with the poor, act for the benefit of a unified, integrated society.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/14/15

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