The Revolution Of The 21st Century: Rich Man, Poor Man

Laitman_130The economic gap between different segments of the population is not new to Israel. However, over the last decade, they have seriously expanded. It is no wonder that the exacerbating inequality begets another no less natural phenomenon: the hatred of the rich.

Generally, wealth and poverty is an eternal leitmotif of human society. Nowadays, however, this issue becomes much more emotional.

Not long ago, we respected the financial elite, be they successful entrepreneurs or the heirs of large fortunes. They appeared in the news, in articles, and books were written about them.

However, recently a new attitude has formed, accompanied by severe criticism of them and sometimes by hatred and antagonism. To some extent, they are perceived as enemies.

Here, we involuntarily recall the French Revolution with the famous saying, “Let them eat cake.” At the time, the phrase symbolized alienation, isolation of the elites from the people.

Today, this gap has become so large that the former respect sometimes turns into hostility, the same type that once led to revolutions.

Basically, it refers not only to Israeli society, especially in the economy and in other aspects; we are adopting Western customs.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/14/15

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