Physics And Lyrics Of The Spiritual World

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe speak the language of emotions of feelings in our desire to receive, in the matter of creation. But if we could use the language of forces as does the wisdom of Kabbalah: in terms of Masachim (screens), Aviut (thickness), and the forces of attraction and rejection, that is, about how nature operates and not what we feel as a result of these forces operating on our matter, we would speak more concretely.

What is the “importance of the King” for example? It is a force that allows a person to perform certain actions in a certain direction; it is the force of attraction of the Creator, His greatness, importance, the power of faith, the force of bestowal or the force of receiving. And if we used this specific language, we wouldn’t philosophize and get confused.

Kabbalists explain that it is possible to speak about reality in four languages that correlate with the four levels of our matter because it is all only with regard to Kabbalists and their revelation. The wisdom of Kabbalah is the deepest language because it doesn’t speak about feelings but about forces.

Conditions such as the prohibition to add to or subtract from the work and the faith in the Creator’s greatness and importance translate into the language of vectors of forces, the relations between the forces and the way they interact. By connecting in different forms, they generate different phenomena.

But if we refer to our attainment, to our penetrating more deeply and using these forces, and not to our external study, then we have no choice. We cannot use these concepts automatically like in our world where we are on the same operating level as they are. In the spiritual world, we have to first start using these forces, and so we need a different language, the language of feeling, the language of working with them.

We need to rise to the level that the spiritual forces operate in our feelings in order to know how to use them. This wisdom is called the wisdom of Kabbalah, reception. When we begin to study the true reality as a set of operating forces, we discover that behind the two forces: the force of bestowal and the force of reception, there is actually only one force of the Creator, and that there is none else besides Him.

The Creator uses these two forces to lead the creation, and if we want to attain Him, Who is above that nature of receiving and bestowal, we have to acquire these two forces in the right combination, in the right balance, and thus attain Him. Then both the physics of the upper world, the wisdom of Kabbalah, which speaks about these forces, and we who attain these forces in the language of the Creator’s work, which means in the languages of emotions, are connected in us. By these two languages we expand our vessels of perception and are able to feel the true reality.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/22/13

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