Adult Education Under The Conditions Of Globalization

laitman_270Opinion (Victor A. Galichin, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Director, Center for monitoring human resources of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation): “In an era of increasing globalization, it is becoming necessary to adopt collective and individual skills. Adult education is a very important measure which is imperative as a reaction to the challenges that stand before us. Adult education is a central component of the holistic and comprehensive system of learning and education throughout life. A general trend is being revealed to expand the participation of adults in various forms of training and professional retraining.

“Under the conditions of an aging population in the developed countries, much more attention to the needs and capabilities of educational activities for the elderly has led to the development of a new direction in education – a Third Age University, which incorporates a retirement age group and gives them the opportunity for further enrichment and the transmission of knowledge and experience to others. All of this testifies to the expansion of the boundaries between the different age groups of the population participating in educational activities.

“A meaningful increase in the mature portion of the population in various forms of learning in the formal educational system and beyond strengthens the relevance of the efforts to develop adult education. Adult education is an important branch of the educational system that is capable of solving problems imperative in social, economic and political development.”

My Comment: The idea is not about raising the level of education of the elderly and their inclusion in the educational system, but that the participation of all ages in the population in the Wisdom of Connection will correct the entire system of nature and humanity, bringing humanity to unification with the system of nature, and through this will cause a positive reaction from nature regarding humanity.

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