A Greenhouse Of The Right Desire

laitman_942The created being is a desire to enjoy created as something from nothing that develops from its root under the influence of the Light. If the desire is passive, which means that it doesn’t want to develop toward the Light and resemble it, the Light forces it to develop just as it happened in the four phases of the Direct Light.

Afterward, the desire becomes inclined to develop, which means that it restricts itself and builds a Masach (Screen) and grows as a result of its own initiative. The development of the desire to enjoy refers to the acquisition of the Masach.

The problem is that our desire with which we must ascend from the bottom to above this world is very small. We are impressed by the fact that it is ignited in order to attain the goal of creation, the upper force, but this is a first impression that quickly fades and disappears. Then, we can only continue as a result of a habit, of a routine, thanks to the fact that we have established corporeal frameworks that sustain and obligate us.

However, this actually increases our desire and our vessel. We must be armed with a desire that matches the same level to which we want to ascend in order to reach the first revelation and in order to discover every new level in general.

Where can we get such a desire? It is only from the Light that operates on us! The Light influences the desire that is something from nothing, that small black point, the tiny nucleus that develops it. This means that the problem is how to draw the influence of the Light.

If I draw the Light by myself, it means that “I awaken the dawn.” The Light that influences my desire to enjoy invokes a feeling of darkness in it. However, I discern the vessel for the revelation of the Light by that and wish for the darkness to illuminate like the Light.

This is the reason that I ask that my desire grow and I wait for the Light to influence me. I don’t care about the phases that will lead me there, and whether I remain in my desire to enjoy or acquire a desire to bestow, as long as I advance and draw the influence of the Light to me. This means that I awaken the dawn by myself and raise MAN, according to which the action is performed. This process is called “hastening time” (Achishena).

If I cannot awaken the influence of the Light on me in order to increase my desire, it develops naturally, in its time (Beito). The Light affects me in any case, but, because these changes are undesirable to me, they bring me sufferings. I am not happy about the darkness that is revealed to me. I cannot see the future vessel for the revelation of the Light in it.

This way of development is undesirable to the Creator, as well as to people. However, we still advance whether it is along the path of the Light or the path of suffering.

Therefore, when Abraham saw the good future that was prepared for mankind, for all of Babylon—for the small desire that was supposed to be filled with the Light of Infinity that is 620 times greater—he asked, “Where will we get the vessels and the desires from?” It is because it is impossible to receive the reward the Creator has promised us without a corrected desire.

Then, the Creator calmed him by saying, “Don’t worry. This desire will grow 620 times bigger during the 400 years of exile in Egypt.” This means that, on the way, people will go through a period in which they receive a big desire, either reluctantly or by hastening time, and then they will begin to work with it in order to bestow.

Today, everything is open and clear, and the phases we must undergo are well understood. We must make sure that we have the right influence of the environment that will be like a greenhouse for us that will hasten the growth of a big desire in us for the revelation of the Creator.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/23/14

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