We Are All One Big Family

Laitman_931-03In the News (golos-ameriki): “Turn on the TV and see one problem after another, an endless number of problems. Fear, tension, depression. The feeling that everything has gone out of control. Maharishi used to say: ‘The negativity is like darkness.’ Darkness – is the absence of light, the darkness does not need to be fought. You just have to turn on the light. Turn on the light, and darkness will go away. If you are able to illuminate your inner field of feelings and perceptions with bright light, you can say that you are a different person. Light banishes negativity. And you do not need a very large number of ‘fireflies.’ It is enough for just one percent of the population to significantly expand the field of positive. The world is currently hanging in a dark cloud of negativity. It is necessary to make an enormous effort to disperse the cloud.”

My Comment: In principle, this is what we are doing. But I think 600,000 bearers of Light will be sufficient for the whole world to be entirely illuminated with Light. And to begin with, dozens are enough!

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