The Quest For Our Soul

laitman_284_07We are witnessing great disruptions all over the world these days. But we know from our history and according to the spiritual structure that these waves eventually accumulate and turn against Israel, against the Jews. That’s the way it has always been and that’s the way it will be.

The prophets wrote a lot about the days of the Messiah, and you should read what they say. If we don’t hasten time and don’t perform the necessary corrections on the spiritual dimension, they will occur in the corporeal world in a totally different manner.

The spiritual corrections stem from the internality of the vessels, because Israel is the internality of the world. But if Israel doesn’t take the process of correction upon themselves, the corrections will be through the nations of the world that are starting to act against Israel. We have already seen the outcomes of such actions.

Today, 70 years after WWII we are in the same spiral and the threat is consolidating and increasing. In the meantime, the struggle is against other states, but everything will eventually arrive at the main root of reality, which is the conflict between Israel and the rest of the world.

We shouldn’t wait for the wave of hostility to hit us again and this time from every corner of the earth. This time there will not be those who support us and those who are against us. The whole world will be against us now, just as the prophets say. This is the reason that we have to fulfill the corrections that we are responsible for now: to go out to the public as much as we can and to connect the parts that belong to our spiritual vessel to us, in order to reach a magnitude in quantity and in quality that will be suitable for the appearance of the first upper Light, Nefesh of Nefesh.

This is the only thing that can save us from all the Klipot (shells) and separate us from all the forces of impurity with a firewall. Then we will find ourselves in this spiritual vessel and will develop it more and more until we reach adhesion with the Creator. This is the call of our times; this is our mission. We have to prepare ourselves for these actions, know that we correct our souls through them, and that it is only by the connections between us that we can reveal our soul, which means the revelation of the Creator to us the created beings.

All our groups abroad continue the ordinary actions of dissemination like before, but in Israel we have a special agenda for dissemination. After all, we have to become the force to which there will be no resistance. If anyone rises against us, we will have the power to stand against him. Otherwise we will not be able to fulfill our mission. This isn’t an action of external dissemination but collecting the parts of the soul without which it cannot reach the first full measure that enables the revelation of the Creator inside it. We have to connect all the parts of the soul until we reach a magnitude of 600,000, just like the nation of Israel at gathering at Mt. Sinai.

We need such a strong connection in the group so that the Upper Light will be revealed in it. This is the reason that we have to see this act of dissemination as the quest for our soul. We are assembling the general soul and preparing the basis for the revelation of the Creator, without which the world will continue to deteriorate, and I find its condition very worrisome.
From the Talk about the Importance of Dissemination 3/19/14

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