The Special Nation

Laitman_167Integral Education Convention, Lecture # 1:

Question: Is it easier for the Israeli nation to understand or to feel that “there is none else besides Him” because of the uniqueness of this country and its education?

Answer: Everyone says that the Jews are a special nation; this isn’t new. The question is what this uniqueness is.

The Jews are special because they were on a spiritual height in the past. This is the group that came out of Babylon together with Abraham. All the Babylonians are called Yehudi (Jews), which stems from the Hebrew word “Yichud” – “unity.” The word “עברים – Hebrews” stems from the word “עבר –  moved,” which refers to those who have crossed to the other side, to the altruistic side. Israel are those who have an intention Yashar-El, straight to the Creator. This means that all the names that relate to this nation stem from its spiritual ascent.

When the nation was on a spiritual height it overcame its ego and then according to the thought of creation underwent two breakings—the destruction of the First and Second Temples and accordingly the shattering of the vessels, of HGT and NHYM. After the final shattering, the nation was exiled for the last time, and now it has to ascend.

Because the Jews were on a spiritual level their ego naturally grew even more after the fall. They were so even before the fall, as it says in the Torah, that back in the time of the exile in Egypt this nation was as stubborn as a donkey. When they fell from their spiritual height they became even worse.

Of course they have changed greatly during the last two thousand years and have undergone terrible sufferings and accordingly underwent many changes, but they still have no idea whatsoever what the wisdom of Kabbalah is and what the method which is their spiritual legacy means. They are totally indifferent to it.

This is the nation that is in the worst state of all the other nations because it carries the Reshimo (reminiscences) of its spiritual fall.

Accordingly there is a special atmosphere in Israel. How will a correction take place here? It is up to us. The correction will naturally take place here and partially in other nations, but only partially because people who have inherited the spiritual roots have to return to them and together with all those who awaken spiritually for different reasons to set an example for the whole world.

But I don’t want to get into why someone in South America or from Siberia, for example, begins to feel an attraction towards the spiritual ascent. There are good reasons for that. It either happens as a result of the mutual incorporation of the spiritual genes, the Reshimot, that occurred during the last two thousand years or because it turns out that a certain person belongs to the nation that used to be on a spiritual height.

Those who aspire for the Creator are called Israel. All our groups around the world belong to this group, but we also have to work with the local public. This isn’t easy, but we have to do it.

I wouldn’t say that it is easier for the Israeli nation to feel that “There is none else besides Him,” because their ego is much bigger than the others. It is much more difficult for the local population to come to this than any other public.

On the one hand, it is easier to lead any other nation up the spiritual levels, but on the other hand, the two opposite sides of the Jews nation are very prominent. It isn’t by chance that the Jews took an active part in every movement and every revolution that brought about changes in society, although only egoistic changes for the time being. Now the time has come for the spiritual changes.

I hope that we will see how all the differences between peoples and nations, cultures and civilizations gradually disappear and they all become the one nation of the Creator. This is what should happen.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/4/14, Lesson 1

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  1. ok. anybody care to explain why i was obssessed with this beauty thing as if it is a new word and as if it was all about everything before? that i would lock myself onto it as if it is possible to understand it and as if it was the most difficult thing in the whole world?

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