Finally The Time To Act Has Come!

laitman_539The correction of the broken soul began with Adam HaRishon (the First Man) and has continued for nearly six thousand years, until our day. We are in the last stage, which is unique in that the correction must continue with the understanding and awareness of masses of people, meaning those souls in which the sparks from the Shevirat (breaking) are clothed.

In all these thousands of years from Adam HaRishon until our day there were different periods in which the souls were corrected in all kinds of ways individually, meaning in small groups. The first group was created by Abraham and was called Israel (Yashar-El – straight to God).

But today we are in a unique period called “The Last Generation” by the Kabbalists. After all, specifically now it is up to us to realize the wisdom of Kabbalah in a practical way, which means that all the people join in the process of correction.

This is the unique characteristic of the last period of correction, which must finish in the next few years or in the next few decades, depending on the efforts that we do. Up until now the higher management was compelled to work with us, and it was almost impossible for us to accelerate the development and change the timing.

Everything was revealed from above to below: building the first Beit HaMikdash (Temple)—its destruction, building the second Beit HaMikdash—its destruction, and that is how it was until the end of the last exile.

But from this moment on, after the return of the people of Israel to their land, the last stage of the correction began, which requires understanding, awareness, and the joining of all of humanity in the process. Included in this are not only a few chosen individuals and small groups, but in the end, the whole world must join in. The Kabbalists wrote about this, and it was revealed in the form that the higher system built. After the whole world joins in the process, we will merit the desired correction.

So studying alone is not enough for us. The study is said to attract the Light that Reforms to us and strengthen the person in his activities on the level in which he is found. If one is not working work with the community, which is what is most important, there is no reason to study the wisdom of Kabbalah. After all, its realization is specifically through the practical expansion of our circle more and more.

This expansion, this extension in all directions, is an absolutely necessary action, which is unique and doesn’t typify any previous period of the existence of Judaism. This wisdom always was hidden, secret, and people who learned it gathered in modest, inconspicuous places to avoid attracting attention to themselves and to not to stand out. They existed in a form completely opposite to all other religions.

But now, on the contrary,  our period is absolutely different and we must show what true religion is and what the destiny of man is in this world.

In all generations the Kabbalists dreamt about beginning this work, but the time to act had not yet arrived. Only in our time has it become possible.
From the Talk about the Importance of Dissemination 3/19/14

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