Communism: Utopia Or Reality, Part 3


Spiritual Genes of the Jewish People

Question: Why, specifically, do the Jews always hold on to the revolutionary idea of becoming one family?

Answer: It is very natural that this idea was very close to Jews when they broke out beyond the Pale of Settlement. They felt that, for them, a new window had been opened to disappear through, and without regret they abandoned their faith because it was beyond them; it didn’t give them answers to any questions, and it compelled them to carry out blindly what was recorded in their books of religious law. They didn’t want to live in exile (in remote villages), so the revolution was freedom for them, and they began to be actively integrated into it.

Besides that, a yearning burned in them to bring the entire world to a happy society, because this desire is latent in the Jewish character. However, it is buried under a lot of other egoistic layers that are so typical of the stubborn Jewish people. It follows that on the one hand, the ego of the Jews aims toward convergence, mutual help, and working between them. However, on the other hand, it is aimed toward the complete opposite: competition, the accumulation of wealth, and separation.

In principle, a polar character is typical for them, a character that is very sharp in its positive and negative manifestations because for 1,500 years—from the days of Abraham until the destruction of the second Beit HaMikdash (Temple)—the Jews lived according to the law, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” After that, they fell from this level of mutual love to the level of hatred.

They kept with them impressions of the knowledge of the two levels, so they didn’t relax and conceal that within themselves. They kept with them impressions of the knowledge of the two levels, so they are restless and internally contradictory. As the saying goes, “Wherever there are two Jews, there are four opinions,” and this is truly so. All of this is derived from their past.

However, when an idea that matches at least one of the two directions is revealed to them, either the egoistic realization or the altruistic (communistic) realization, they jump and dive into it headfirst.

That was also how it was in Russia when they rushed to build communism to bring all of humanity to happiness. They didn’t think about anything else. After all, at that time, destruction, starvation, typhus, terrorism, and hooliganism prevailed in Russia. Who could imagine becoming rich at someone else’s expense in conditions like these and then turn it all around in a different direction? This could not be!

However, a contradiction appeared here between those who were attracted and seduced by the bright faces of the communists and those who thought that this had to be held under precise supervision. In the end, Stalin and his small group seized power because the people were closer to them and understood them more than the ideals that Trotsky and his supporters tried to realize among the masses.

In any case, we understand Marx because he explained that the building of communism requires continuous research. We don’t need to look at his theory through the glasses of opportunists who distorted it and prepared the ground for a revolution with no foundation, for Marx explained that a nation like Russia, according to its social development, was not appropriate for the realization of some kind of step in the direction of the communist society.

Question: When talking about the general process of human development and the role of the Jewish people in it, we understand that there are no accidents. Everything happens naturally. The Jewish people in Russia immediately accepted the idea of communism and uprooted themselves toward it and away from religion, which basically had not let them realize themselves for two thousand years.

Answer: The Pale of Settlement didn’t give the Jews the opportunity to realize themselves. Besides, the general image of religion that began to develop even in the middle of the century played its part here. Our egoism began to grow and rise above the opinion accepted by everyone about God, hell, and heaven. It was no longer possible for a person to remain primitive, enslaving himself to such a life for the sake of some paradise in the next life. The growing egoism didn’t make it possible for him to act like that! It pulled a person into all kinds of areas, tearing him to pieces: industry, commerce, art, and culture, anything that is possible!

The Jews didn’t have such a possibility, since they had were subject to the commands of the Czar regarding the Pale of Settlement, and when all these laws suddenly collapsed, all hell broke loose immediately.

To be continued.
From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 5/11/15

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