Hamas On The Way To The UN…

Laitman_025_01In the News (from news.israelinfo): “PRC (The Palestinian Return Center), an organization that belongs to the Hamas and which is situated in London, is growing stronger and has lately received the status of an observer at the UN.

“Another absurd climax at the UN is that at the same meeting the UN rejected a similar request on behalf of the Israeli organization ZAKA—an organization for identifying victims in case of a disaster, which is a voluntary Orthodox Jewish organization that assists the Israeli police and the emergency forces at times of a disaster or a terrorist attack in Israel and all over the world.”

My Comment: This isn’t the top nor the climax and not even the beginning of the general global incitement against Israel, and  its being boycotted and excommunicated from every international organization is just beginning. All this is happening so that the Jews will realize that the world hates them and will try to understand the reason for this hatred. Those who understand the reason for the hatred of the Jews have to do everything they can to let the Jews know the reason for the hatred the world feels for them. It is only the reorganization of the Jews’ consciousness that will lead to positive changes all over the world.

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