Spiritual Life – The Eternal Renewal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why does the “raspberry ball” disappear all the time and the only way to hold onto it and grow it is to go to the outer community?

Answer: Every activity in spirituality is an innovation. Even in our world it happens this way, but we simply don’t pay attention to this. Nothing returns as it was: All the time new clarifications and corrections are happening, a new discovery of evil and its correction for the good.

In spirituality there cannot be a stop, there cannot be a static state. Every state must be renewed all the time. This is like in love, like in relationships between people, where we must constantly take care of our relationships. If we want to keep them, we must constantly develop and grow them, opening new states.

In this world, until the end of correction, we receive a gift, a favor, help in the work: We reveal broken desires specifically granted by the Creator so that we will have material for renewal. Thanks to this we can renew relationships and develop our feelings each time.

But if there had been no shattering, what would we rely on to build our innovations and changes? And when we rise from physical states to spiritual states, then we see that spirituality is constant change. Without them, the spiritual world doesn’t exist. Even in our world, according to quantum physics, the electron cannot exist without movement.

If we stop it, it disappears. The entire universe of elementary particles, which rotate around their axes at tremendous speeds and move in orbits, is in movement and change. The entire micro world works at higher frequencies that approach the speed of light.

In our lives the speed of the changes also grows, and all technical apparatus, electronics, computers, everything, works at greater and greater speed. This says something about the number of changes that we are ready to include in a unit of time, a unit of influence. Everything depends on the speed, the frequency, with which changes happen.

Every Partzuf includes ten Sefirot, and each one of them includes another ten, and so on ad infinitum. Therefore, there must be a very high frequency in every interval in order to include all these infinite changes of mutual integration of this into that and that into this, and so forth. The changes must be constant and at a very high velocity.

So when we reach the raspberry ball, we begin to feel that it’s impossible to hold. Here we begin to understand all of our psychology: If we don’t work on some kind of sensation, some kind of observation, all the time, then it disappears. It’s not revealed clearly in this life because we are becoming a unique compound of beast and human. And the beast in me exists without change, like all the rest of the beasts. And if my head is only involved with taking care of my beast, then I feel that everything is completely okay with me.

But if I begin to take care of the human in me with my mind, then I will need all the changes there. Then I constantly, incessantly,will need to decide what is more important for me, the beast in me or the human? Is the man riding the donkey or the donkey riding the man; who is carrying whom?
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/7/14, Lesson on the Topic: “Preparation for the Convention”

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