Is Neighborliness The Remedy For Civil War?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (echo.msk): “Scientists claim that you need five or more close friends in order to be happy. Friends that you are not only in close contact with but those with whom you also share your worries and your moments of joy, and with whom you share common interests and hobbies.

“Is this possible in today’s realities of the gray and aggressive metropolis? The situation where neighbors living in the same building not only don’t know one another by name, but sometimes don’t even know what the people living in their building look like is very common. Indifference leads to lack of responsibility and the irresponsibility contributes to various social ills starting from poor maintenance of the building to poor maintenance of the country.

“After all, a society in which people are not connected and where neighbors don’t keep in touch and even express hostility towards one another is doomed to both internal and external destruction. It is easy to manipulate people in such a society and to direct the mass consciousness and energy to whichever direction one desires.

“Lonely people without social support who are governed by fear and panic are inclined to inappropriate actions, which in other circumstances, would never have been considered. In such a society the value of human life drops sharply. After all, it is the life of a stranger I don’t know and who even might be hostile to me. As we all know fear and distrust breeds aggression.

“Such a society can easily find itself on the brink of civil war. At such times, people are not only physically but also emotionally and morally defenseless, disoriented, and easily manipulated. This is a very dangerous situation when a person doesn’t have a friend or a neighbor by his side that he can turn to for advice or help or simply to feel secure and that he is part of a good neighborly world.”

My Comment: It is only by the systematic integral education based on the equivalence of form with nature that we can establish a connection between people, create a feeling of togetherness and a new relationship—one desire in which people feel the upper world.

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