The Truth About The Boycott Of Israel, Part 1

Dr. Michael LaitmanBefore our eyes a global phenomenon is gaining momentum, a new front against Israel—different organizations are boycotting Israel.

The boycott covers various spheres such as culture and economics. The organization that sponsors such initiatives is called BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) specifically founded in order to put pressure on the State of Israel.

A few recent examples:

– in Australia shop owners were threatened to be killed if they continued to sell merchandise imported from Israel.

– the British Association of Journalists’ was called to boycott Israeli goods and to impose sanctions on Israel.

– in The Hague measures are being taken to start an investigation of Israel’s “war crimes” in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

– in North America the postal workers union, universities, and campuses initiated a boycott of Israel.

I see this as a natural logical and legal phenomenon. The general trend is that eventually all the nations will turn against us because we are not performing our duty in the world.

As Baal HaSulam writes: We were given a certain length of time to organize and to build a nation so that we will be able to fulfill our goal. Kabbalists explain that we have to open people’s eyes so that they will understand what world in which we live and what the purpose of existence is.

Our task is to set an example of unity that allows us to discover the upper force in the connection between us. But we are not doing that. As a result, humanity suffers because the upper force isn’t revealed, and instead it sinks into difficult states that continuously replace one another and only increase the negativity. People feel in their subconscious that it all happens because of the Israeli nation. Today they blame the State of Israel and in the past when it didn’t exist, they blamed the Jews who were scattered all over the world.

To be continued…
From KabTV’s “About the Boycott of Israel” 6/3/15

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