A Win-Win Game

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Our entire lives are theater. Is there some program or plan to everything that is happening to us? Is there a director of this play?

Answer: When we investigate nature, we see that everything functions in it according to precise laws of physics, chemistry, biology, and zoology. It seems that human life must also work according to particular laws. In humanity, all the individual laws of nature connect together and manage us. We are in a field of energy that moves us to a state where we begin to ask: “What is this game, where is it leading us, what are we living for and for what purpose?”

Religious people solve this problem very simply: They believe that there is a Higher Power that manages us; we don’t need to worry and think about what will happen to us. Kabbalah says that the solution is through our bringing this force out of hiding, opening our eyes and seeing the entire creation: this world and the upper world, the spiritual world. Then we begin to live in all of the worlds. From the height that we attain, we see how everything is managed and why it is necessary for it to be managed specifically this way and not another.

And in truth, we approach this because the upper force inserts us deeply into the game until we understand that If we don’t discover and know the conditions for this game, if we don’t become participants and conscious partners of the upper force, then our lives are under threat.

Question: What does it mean to win in this game of life?

Answer: Winning is possible only when we discover that this is truly a game, and we discover where it leads, what the program of the director, the upper force, is, and how to become His active performer. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to do this. When we discover this game, then we see that it is the highest in the world. It is arranged according to clear and precise laws that cannot be violated and it leads us to a wonderful and sublime goal. This entire game is designed to confuse us and then awaken in us a need to discover the secret of the game of life.

The purpose of the game is to transform all of humanity so that it becomes similar to the Creator, bringing us to a state of absolute goodness, an eternal and perfect life. In the end, we receive infinite fulfillment, but on the way we must discover our complete loss, lack of knowledge, lack of understanding, the crisis that we experience today. And all of this is so that we will solve the mystery of this game.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 5/17/15

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